To remove urine odour from stone or concrete with UF2000
Untreated stone or concrete look as if they are solid surfaces, but in fact they are porous, and easily absorb  urine through many small openings. This means that the urine can easily enter very deep into stone or concrete, which makes the odour removal process more difficult. To obtain the best possible result, please follow these  steps.

  • Do not use other (chemical) cleaning liquids or masking products!
  • Make sure that the surface is completely dry. 
  • If there are remains of carpet glue on the floor, they will have to be removed first. 
  • Sweep or dust the affected surface


  • Spray the UF2000 abundantly on (saturate) the urine affected area by using the trigger spray bottle or a low pressure spray bottle. (plant sprayer or pesticide sprayer) Make sure that the amount of UF2000 is at the least the same amount as the estimated amount of urine.
  • Cover the affected area for 1 or 2 hours with a plastic sheet to prevent immediate evaporation, allowing the UF2000 to penetrate into the concrete or stone.
  • It is possible that with the first use of UF2000 on an old urine stain, the odour may become more intense at first. This means that the urine is slowly dissolving and coming up to the surface. 
  • Remove the plastic and allow the affected area to dry.
  • Apply UF2000 once more. Allow the spot to dry well for 1 or 2 hours (depending on the temperature, drying time may vary).
  • Repeat these steps every 1 or 2 hours (depending on drying time), applying UF2000 until the urine smell is completely gone. 
  • After the odour and the stains are removed, use a small amount of water to clean any remaining residue and dab it with some paper (kitchen) towel or a dry cloth.
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