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Removing the odour of cat wee
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Tuesday, 20 March 2007 12:22

Eliminating the smell of cat urine has never been easier!

cat-pee remover

Some years ago, Ecodor launched a number of new products to assist pet owners with the removal of stains and the neutralizing of cat urine odours within the home enviroment. Finally, the result is an environmentally safe product that eliminates the odour of cat urine. It works so well that in a short period of time there are now a few million users on the western continent of Europe which continues to grow on a day to day basis.
With pets, it seems that Murphy's Laws still apply: excrements or vomit usually land on your carpets, sofas or curtain and now, with the help of Ecodor, you have the solution to complete odour and stain elimination within your home. Your pet will no longer be attracted to 'that spot' of the carpet!

The urine is easy to clean but the odour has always been harder to remove. The animal scent is far greater than the human nose thus the temptation to do it on the same place over and over again is only natural for animals but a nuisance for us as animal lovers. Especially cats and particularly tomcats look up their old favourite spots. In some cases it is easier to remove the furniture and carpet than to clean the trouble spot. In some extreme cases, it is known that some owners let go of their pets as they have no other option.

When a cat constantly urinates in your house, there may be other reasons for this, eg: Bladder infection (Cystitis) or even worse diabetes. A cat with diabetes usually drinks and eats a lot but keeps on losing weight. A noticeable sign is the stickiness of your cat's urine from the puddle. Should recognize these symptoms it is best the go to your local vet immediately for a check up.

Ecodor products do not mask!!

Ecodor urine geur combi pakket
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Ecodor has the solution for you!!
EcoPet Odor & Stain remover or UF2000 against urine smell.
EcoPet is a bio spray which removes unwelcome odours on those spots where your pet stays, such as the cat's box, the dog's basket and the rodent's cage etc.
UF2000 is a powerful odor neutralizer which effectively fights the urine smell in your furniture, (wooden) floors, concrete or carpet. Ecodor UF2000 works not only against cat's urine, but also against the dog's urine and even against human urine smells.
The result is a neutral environment (with no perfume).

The uniqueness of the Ecodor product range is that it is able to master fragrance nuisance without the use of environmentally unfriendly chemicals and/or masking products.
The vegetable ESA in the Ecodor product work as a catalyst for the bacteria which are present in air and incite these to a faster destruction of the fragrance. Ecodor products are non toxic, non irritating, bacteria free, biologically degradable and hypo allergenic. The products do not contain propellant.

Ordering Ecodor products.

How to order your Ecodor products.
The Ecodor product range is available from our online store. Click here to order your products today!
Generally applies, today ordered, tomorrow in house.
Both products are at presently available in a combination package deal to obtain by means of our web shop.


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