To remove urine odour from wooden floors with UF2000
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Urine stains in wooden or hardwood floors are the most difficult stains to remove, especially when the wood has become darker because of repeated exposures to urine.
The darker spots indicate that there is a concentration of dried urine salts (urine crystals), and also that the wood is already damaged by the acids in the urine.

By repeating the treatment several times, UF2000 can remove the odour completely and it can also remove a large part of the dried salt crystals.

However, the product cannot repair the damage that has already been caused to the wood. In most cases, by carefully sanding and with a new treatment of wax or lacquer, the stain can be made acceptable again.

Before sanding and treating the stain with wax or lacquer, first treat the urine affected area with UF2000. By treating urine affected area first, it will become easier to repair the affected area at a later stage.

By using UF2000 the urine odour will disappear. Dark stains will be less visible and it will be easier to treat the floor by sanding and varnishing it, making it look as if it was new again. Often after using UF2000 the floor will be cleaned sufficiently and no further treatment will be necessary.

The following instructions are for use on a floor with multiple urine spots.
• Start by spraying each of the urine affected areas with UF2000.
• Then apply UF2000 on the entire floor.
• Cover the wet floor with a piece of plastic to prevent the spray from evaporating immediately. After applying the UF2000 spray, the urine odour may become a bit stronger at first. This is because the urine is dissolving and being drawn to the surface.
• Remove the plastic after approximately 30 minutes and dry the floor with (paper) towels.
• Repeat the treatment after 30 minutes until the urine odour has disappeared completely. Each treatment will improve the condition of the surface of the floor, making the dark stains become lighter and smaller, until all urine is removed completely.
• Treat the urine affected areas separately until all stains are almost completely removed or have become lighter, which means that the urine has been removed.
• Allow the floor to dry.
• After the last treatment, clean the floor with water and dry it 
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