Assistance when placing your order

Ordering in our Ecodor Shop is quick and easy.
The ordering process takes 6 clear steps, in which you decide how you want thing done.
Your order is only final, after your confirmation. Before that, you can make any change you want.

Click HERE for FAQ's.

1. Select your product

  • Use the 'Add' button to add a product. Do you want to order more, fill out the amount you want to order. 
  • By using the 'Continue Shopping' button, you can return to the web shop.
  • If you change your mind, you can select the product and use the verwijderen button.
  • After you finish shopping, click the 'Pay' button.

2. Fill out the required data

  • You can fill out your name and address on the Client Information page.
    If you are already a customer in our web shop, log on with your user name and your password.
    If you have never placed an order before, use the 'new here?' button and fill out your data.
    We can need this information to ship your order. That is why you are obliged to fill out the fields marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Are you finished? Click on Logon (if you are already a customer) or send your registration (if you are new).

3. The select an address for delivery screen

  • In the 'select an address for delivery' screen, you can check your data and change the address for delivery if necessary.
    After you filled out everything correctly, click on  "Next >>"

4. Select a method of delivery

  • You can choose, collect your order yourself or have the order shipped to your address.

5. Select a method of payment
Your can pay by using the following methods. For some you have to pay extra.

  • Payment upfront by bank
  • iDEAL (direct payment online via your own bank: only in the Netherlands) 
  • PayPal/Credit card (you need a PayPal account)

If you are a regular customer  you can also order on credit. Please contact us if you want more information on ordering on credit.

6. Check the data and confirm your order.
Here, you can see an overview of your order data.

  • Is everything correct? Then you can finish your order by pressing the button: Confirm order.
  • Agree with the terms of delivery.
  • If necessary you can add a message to your order.
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